Mapa is a system within the food vendor community that shifts food inspection into an advertising platform for street food vendors.


Process Diagram



Using Mexico City as the context for exploring a new system in the city. Through research I became interested in the food scene of the city, the street food being one of the most prominent features of Mexico City, I found a problem through which I could design a solution. 

Street food is amazing but at the same time is is exposed to a lot of bacteria caused by weather conditions and food storage. So how can I create something that protects the customer and the vendor?

Mapa de los Vendedores connects the customer (user) to the vendor (user). 


To design a system in which the vendor is promoted through the use of a device which serves as a marketing and advertising tool as well. The device is designed to be placed with the vendor connecting wirelessly to an app. The users using the app will be able to see the vendors that are using the device, which creates a more intimate relationship with the vendor of their choosing. 

I also had to be careful with how this system is designed because the intention is not to take away from the vendors not using the app + device but rather create another small group that would use this system if they wished to do so. Therefore, the device itself was not placed in plain sight to the customer, but served as a device that the users with the app would be able to see on their devices.



  1. Vendor: A marketing system that would allow the vendor to market their business and connect to a sensitive target audience.

  2. Customer: An app that would allow the user to visible see vendors that are following the marketing system specified by the app.

Technological Research

Researching how biometric data can be collected and if so what is the type of technology that can be applied to the device. I wanted to choose a simple piece of technology to the device so it can be a simple tool that is a part of a larger system, rather then an advanced technology placed on the street.




Mexico City is one of the highest ranking cities in the world popular for the street food. Street food vendors in Mexico City create a high percentage in the informal economy and since they are in the informal sector they do not go through general health procedures for the food that is being served. Food that is served in open air without proper storage has high levels of possible dangerous bacteria contamination however not known to the vendors and their customers. Without proper storage there are higher chances of bacteria contamination in food.



I created a system within the food vendor community that will provide a food inspection platform for vendors alongside an advertising platform. Sous Inspector is a tool for any street food vendor cooking in various weather conditions.. This device will measure the weather temperature, humidity levels and the time during which the food has been exposed to open air and predicts the possible dangerous bacteria presence.

User Journey


User Stories

  • As a designer, I want to design a vendor finding system so that the customers can have fresh food and the vendor can get more business.

  • Designing a system that would be beneficial to the user but also the vendor. Being mindful of the system that is already in place among street food vendors in the city

  • As a customer, I want to find vendors near me that I can trust so that I can have fresh made food.

  • As a customer, I want to find vendors near me so that I can give business to the local vendors.

  • As a vendor, I want a system that will target the more sensitive customers so that I can target more customers

  • As a user of the system, I want the app to be minimal and straightforward to use so that I don’t spend time setting it up.

User Goals

  • using a geolocation to find what is near me in the app

  • using the map to see which vendors are using the system

  • using the device that connect to the app and the map

  • following the system to bring more foot traffic

  • users being engaged enough to recommend the app to generate more users

  • seamless app so that the customer and vendor continue to use the system

Vendors that use this device will become a part of our advertising campaign and will be recognized for using safety protocols around the food they serve. We will provide an advertising platform for the vendors to gain recognition through our virtual street map that will locate the vendors using the device, and the map app will provide a platform for customers to post reviews about the vendor and the delicious food experienced!